Tenant Screening

Are you a property manager, landlord, or property owner renting a home out to others? If so, you know the importance of screening prospective renters and tenants. Trying to save a bit of money by skipping this important step could cost you many thousands of dollars.

Our tenant screening investigations provide an in-depth background and status on the applicant.

Here are some of the pieces of data you’ll have access to:

  • Credit reports
  • Past residence history and verification
  • Social Security verification
  • Employment and Income verification
  • Reference checks
  • Asset and financial data checks
  • Criminal history
  • Civil background
  • History with friends and neighbors
  • and more

It only takes a few minutes of your time to give us the information we need to start finding out more about your renter or tenant. Yet those simple few minutes could save you hours of hassle and thousands of dollars. Don’t trust your rental property to anyone. Find out for sure. Call us today at any of our local numbers to the right. We’ll help make sure you don’t risk your rental space to a risky tenant.

We also offer complete insurance fraud investigations.