Internet Dating Investigation

Are you dating online? If so, you can protect yourself by getting a background search on people you meet online that you’re interested in or already dating. What do you really know about someone from an online profile, a few chats, or a few phone calls or emails?

Getting a real background on someone you meet can help you find out if they are dating others beside you, in addition to providing complete information on their background and status.

Some of the information you’ll have access to includes:

  • Get Their Real Name & DOB
  • Background Profile
  • Criminal Record
  • Judgment, Liens, Bankruptcy
  • Marriage / Divorce Search
  • Number of Children
  • Income History
  • Credit History
  • Property Ownership
  • Who They Are Living With
  • Dating Others Online
  • Home / Cell Phone Records
  • Video Surveillance

Are you trying to locate someone that’s been lost or missing? We can also find people as part of our locate investigations