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10 signs of cheating spouses. Learn about how the South Florida Infidelity Firm can help with your infidelity investigation. Find out if your spouse is cheating.

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Do you believe your spouse or partner may be cheating? At the Infidelity Investigations Firm, we understand the sensitive nature of infidelity. It’s a tough situation. It’s one that demands proof. In order for infidelity to change, the truth needs to be discovered. In some cases, the exposing of an affair may even prove to be the first step in saving a relationship.

Below we’ve listed 10 common signs of cheating to keep an eye out for. However, keep in mind that every situation is unique.

Trust your feelings. If you suspect an affair and are interested in seeking evidence, give us a call.

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10 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

1. You have a “gut” feeling.

Be honest with yourself. If you are motivated to investigate or something seems “off”, don’t simply ignore it. You probably know your spouse or partner better than anyone, right?

2. Unexplained changes in schedule or time away from home.

Does it seem like your spouse is finding reasons to be away? Reasons to be “alone”, or “busy”? If there is infidelity, it does require time. The time has to fit in somewhere.

3. Odd financial behavior.

Has your spouse had unexplained ATM withdrawals or credit card bills? Has your husband or wife cashed checks they would normally deposit? Have they been sure to intercept the mail when a credit card bill or bank statement comes?

4. Your spouse gets defensive about any implication of cheating.

Your spouse’s reaction to an implication of cheating is important. Again there is no set in stone rule here. You know your husband, wife, or partner – does it seem like they are hiding something based on how they react? Often, if they get very defensive that can be a tell tale sign.

5. Your husband or wife is suddenly completely unavailable.

Are there times when your spouse for some reason consistently “didn’t hear the phone ring”? Things certainly happen, but if you’ve noticed patterns where you think they ought to be available but they have some convenient “excuse” later for why they weren’t, that could be a red flag.

6. Suspicious internet behavior.

Have you discovered email accounts, chat profiles, or other online communication methods that you didn’t know your spouse had? Does your spouse hide passwords or login credentials to certain accounts? Does your husband or wife constantly clear out the internet history in their web browser? Or have you noticed odd sites appear there?

7. Unusual mood swings.

Mood swings outside the norm for someone could be a sign of many different things, not just the existence of an affair. However, if there are other signs pointing to infidelity or giving you reason to snoop, then pay attention to these mood swings as well as they may give a clue.

8. Reduced or eliminated sexual activity.

Changes in your sexual relationship with your spouse may be a tell-tale sign that something is off.

9. Your spouse insists on going places alone.

Your husband or wife may insist on going anywhere from an errand to an event alone, when normally you would go. Any time your spouse is alone is potentially a time when an affair could occur. If your spouse is consistently seeking these times more than before, or goes out of their way to ensure they happen, it could be a warning sign.

10. Changes in how “close” you are with your spouse.

Pay attention to your relationship. Does your husband or wife suddenly seems much more “distant”?

** If you believe your spouse may be cheating and want to pursue evidence of the affair, call us. We’ll help.

One option that is often used as part of an cheating spouse investigator is a fidelity check.